Massage Therapy

RMT services, provided by a Registered Massage Therapist, licenced and regulated by the Province of Ontario, affords many benefits.

Whether you seek therapeutic assistance for your physical health-care from acute or chronic conditions, or simply need to address stress and ongoing health concerns with a more relaxing approach, RMT services will be worth your investment in yourself.

A massage therapist's scope of practice focuses on muscles and joints, and affects other systems in the body, notably circulation, lymphatics and the nervous and endocrine systems. You will enjoy noticeable differences from treatments, whether they be just occasionally or in the form of a series of treatments over a shorter period of time when you are in particular need. You will feel relaxed and energized by the experience, and feel calmer and less stressed afterward. Many people report they have their best sleep that night, or even several nights after receiving a massage therapy treatment.

Your relationship with your RMT is an interactive one, so you may feel free to offer feedback as we work together to provide the best treatment and treatment plan to suit your needs. It truly is an educational experience on both parts, and will be a happy, pleasant experience for you.

All massage therapists registered in the Province of Ontario are able to supply you with a receipt for services, with their professional Registration Number on it, so that you may submit the receipt and receive reimbursement by most employee or private health care plans.


Yoga is ancient, evolving over a long period of time it is said, to facilitate the grueling, demanding long hours of sitting that meditation requires of the body.

There are many forms of Yoga, and in the 'west' we focus more on the physical aspects, or asanas (postures). In the east it is more of a 'way' of life, of living, of being, than we can imagine here. However, its many benefits continue to grow as we continue to evolve ourselves along more healthful, purposeful paths.

Not only does one gain core strength, agility and flexibility from one's Yoga practice, but also a good measure of serenity and peace of mind from the commitment we make in taking the best possible care of ourselves.

All benefits mentioned above from massage therapy (which is a passive modality) are experienced through Yoga (active modality) and the two together are very powerful. It is a very good idea to attend as many Yoga classes as possible, since every teacher brings their own unique and interesting style to the student/class.

Yoga/Massage is a wonderful combination of Yoga and Massage Therapy.

Partner Yoga and partner Yoga/Massage is very calming, relaxing and trust-building for couples, families, or any small group.

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